A brief history of our church

Mt Calvary Anglican Church was built in 1873 as a Southern Methodist Episcopal Church. It remained in that tradition until the 1980's, when due to a growing number of other Methodist Churches in the area, it was closed for regular services, but rented to other faithful Christians.

Mt Calvary was also a grade school for many years. That original building was torn down in the 1940s. We intended to rebuild it in the near future for our Church Hall and Sunday School.

A group of Continuing Episcopal saints, desiring to worship using the liturgy and doctrine of the PECUSA 1928 Book of Common Prayer bought the Church and property around 1998 and restored the interior and added the main stained glass windows, and air conditioning and heat.

At first, they invited clergy from St. Paul's Anglican Church in Crownsville, Md., to conduct services.

For two years, a Seminary for the Western Rite Orthodox Catholic Diocese of the Atlantic was based at Mt Calvary under Archbishop Ryzy. Dr.Tregenza was the Dean.

In 2001 the Vestry called Fr. R.H. Tregenza, a priest and Canon in the Anglican Independent Communion, and a priest in the Belarus National Orthodox Catholic Church, to be their first rector. He was joined the next year by Deacon James McFadden also from the AIC and BNOC.

In 2004, the Vestry and members of Mt Calvary voted to enter the Anglican Province of America under Archbishop Walter Grundorf. The clergy were accepted in their Orders into the APA.